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Soccer has experienced tremendous growth with over 13 million people playing the sport in the United States, including 30% of all households. Supporting this growth are more than 6,000 registered clubs, 500,000 volunteers and administrators, and 300,000 coaches. Despite the influence of the coach in creating a positive developmental experience for children in soccer, most coaches in the sport remain unlicensed, inexperienced, and unqualified. As the sport continues to grow and our pool of coaches decreases, soccer organizations are left with fewer and fewer options. Accompanying these changes is the increased need and desire for more structure, direction, experience, and staff. Inevitably, this leads to higher costs and expenses, a greater investment in resources from facilities to coaches, thus raising expectations.

Parents need and want better coaches.
Clubs need more assistance, guidance, and direction.

There is a lack of resources available to both. Next Level Soccer, LLC bridges this gap, providing customized solutions to an organizations’ soccer challenges. Through assessing and evaluating organizations, educating its members, developing curricula and training plans, and identifying, recruiting, and selecting candidates for staff positions, Next Level Soccer hopes to be a positive part of the transformation. Without independent assistance, organizations may struggle to meet the demands of their members who seek information, stability, consistency, growth, affordability, and knowledgeable, experienced coaches.



Providing customized solutions in professional, comprehensive ways on the soccer challenges facing organizations who seek a pathway to the Next Level.



  • Parent Education
  • Player Development Programming
  • Coaching Education and Staff Development


  • Parent Education
  • Player Development Programming
  • Coaching Education and Staff Development


  • Establish Criteria for Selection
  • Search for Appropriate Coaches


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